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What is the Holy Grail? Is it the cup that caught the blood of Jesus? Or the cup he used at the Last Supper? Is it a dish? A platter? Or is it like the Philosophers Stone? Of course, it could also be a Royal and Holy Bloodline, descended from Jesus and Mary Magdalene... but thats just fiction isnt it? To many people, the tale revolves around a small parish in southern France and the strange world of the priest. What mystery was he hiding? What does it all have to do with Rosslyn Chapel and the Da Vinci Code? Join Rat Scabies (of the punk rock band, The Damned, and Grail expert), Andrew Gough, Philip Gardiner and Philip Coppens as they discuss the various possibilities and open our eyes to some amazing new ones! World Wide Multi Media brings you quality video content from around the globe.
  • ISBN13: 0883629724768
  • Publisher: Allied Vaughn
  • Pubilcation Year: 2013
  • Format: DVD-Video
  • Pages:
MPAA RatingNot Rated
GenreSpecial Interest
Dimensions7.5 x 5.5 x 0.5 inches

Mod-Holy Grail-Bloodlines/Secrets

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