This volume sorts out the long-standing misidentification of two Wright families by providing extensive evidence that 1792 John Wright of Fauquier County, Virginia, is not the son of 1729/30 John Wright of Stafford County, Virginia. The weakness of Hoppin's evidence that identifies 1792 John Wright as the son of 1929/30 John Wright is discussed; and documentation for the ancestral lines of the Wright DNA project participants, recent DNA results, and the probability that a non-marital event tainted the Y-DNA of the descendants of 1792 John Wright or the descendants of 1655 Francis Wright are all examined. Documentation identifies 1713 Francis Wright of Westmoreland County as a descendant of 1655 Francis Wright of Yorkshire County, England, and identifies John Wright of Westmoreland County, Virginia, as the possible father of John Wright of Fauquier County, Virginia. This detailed, well-documented work is enhanced by charts.
  • Genre: Reference
  • Pages: 580
  • Author: Robert N. Grant
  • ISBN: 0788449354
  • Publisher: Heritage Books, Inc. MD
Publication DateSeptember 1, 2013
Primary CategoryReference/Genealogy

The Identification of 1792 John Wright of Fauquier County, Virginia, as Not the Son of 1792/30 John Wright of Stafford County, Virginia

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