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The "JONAH SYNDROME" details the unrequited love of ART RICHARDS, for his beloved DARLA STONE, over two decades and two wars. Art survives three hellish years as a Korean prisoner of war. due principally to his, vivid memories and profound love and of Darla. His daily dreams of Darla sustain him through untended wounds, starvation, torture, and frigid climate. Prior to his liberation, however, Darla, believing him dead, remarries. Mindful that he is plagued by a family "JONAH" curse, a heartbroken Art reenlists. Art is seriously wounded while a combat officer in Vietnam. Beautiful nurse, LT. JUNE RUSS, tends his wounds in a station hospital. Art is astonished by June's startling similarity to Darla, who endlessly permeates his thoughts. The two become lovers, then they are un-expectantly separated. A pregnant June, later, is to play a vital role in Art's life. Art, summoned to Darla's deathbed in 1970, arrives too late. Once again, he is to surmise that nothing in his life ever goes right. In a heartwarming surprise to Art, Darla leaves a letter informing him that he is the father of her 19-year-old son, ZANE. Art, also is amazed at the startling resemblance of, NANCY, Darla's 17-year-old daughter, to her late mother. Nancy has a lingering crush on Art. Well aware of the 20-year difference in their ages, Art is drawn to her, nevertheless. Art later, by chance, encounters old flame June Russ. While trying to decide between Nancy and June, he is confronted with a critical, life threatening illness. Through hypnotism, it is revealed that Art is the reincarnation of famous Major League baseball player, TOBY McGUIRE. Toby was killed in a baseball game by a pitched "bean-ball." Art attemptsto be retrogressed, back in time to the year 1930, to re-assume the dying entity of Toby McGuire. Then, possibly, to reunite with his beloved Darla.
  • ISBN13: 9781425905118
  • Publisher: Authorhouse
  • Pubilcation Year: 2006
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pages: 00264
Publication DateApril 1, 2006
Primary CategoryFiction/Romance - Historical - General

The Jonah Syndrome

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