Long long ago, an old magic stone suddenly cracked open after lying in the sunlight and moonlight for thousands of years. From the shell of the stone, a little Monkey was born. Adopted by the Monkey King in the mountain, Little Monkey was very naughty and playful. One day, while playing in a tree, he fell. When the Monkey King tried to save Little Monkey, he was terribly injured. To save the Monkey King, Little Monkey had to journey across the ocean in search of the immortal pill. With help from the Immortal Turtle, the Phoenix, the Dragon King and the Immortal, the Little Monkey gained a powerful body. Could he find his way home to save the Monkey King?
  • Genre: Juvenile / Children's Fiction
  • Pages: 48
  • Author: Li Jian, Yijin Wert (Translator)
  • ISBN: 1602209812
  • Publisher: Shanghai Press
Publication DateSeptember 20, 2012
Primary CategoryJuvenile Fiction/Fairy Tales & Folklore - Adaptations

The Little Monkey King's Journey

Li Jian

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