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Description my first book "MARCH OF THE COOKIE CUTTERS" I gave you reality- and only half of you could handle it. Some could grasp it, and others had to bail out back into their little fantasy world. Most of you were okay with it until it got to the part that you, yourselves, were guilty of..then you jettisoned out of the picture. You'd think that by now you'd be sick of the 'America the Great' bull@#$% DEGREES that they're jamming down your throat. Only half of you actually are, however. It's time for you to wake up and realize what we have become. In this book "THE LORDS OF NOTHING" I'm going to give you your medicine in the candy. I'm going to give it to you in sci-fi form, instead. You people love fantasy; maybe you can grasp it in this form this easier. If you want the truth about what we are.and you have the guts--then read my books. So many of you don't want to be told what to do. You're so worried about socialism. You forget something..and that is that 'The Socialist in the Sky'...God, Himself, will judge you for everything that you do. Oh--by the way..the women that are hooking up with the massive influx of garbage men that are here now in massive numbers--WERE THE LAST LINE OF DEFENSE THAT HAS FALLEN TO PREVENT THESE IDIOTS FROM REPRODUCING MORE OF THEMSELVES!!! Bad dads mean bad kids..period. You women complain that there aren't enough good men. Correct..there isn't a lot of good men. So who are these 100 million women married to? Why----let's see--duh---oh!! I get it..the bad ones!!! Ta da!!!! What a profound thought on my part--huh?!! Two stupid parents are not better than one good parent.. as you have already sadly found out. What part of your life is quality? Is it the one where you go to work, and wear the 'Urban Gimp Suit' (cliche business suit)? Is it the part where you spend one half of an hour eating dinner with family? Is it the part right after that when you go into separate rooms to worship the decadence of the now maligned format of the 'Plasma Gods' (TV sets)? Is it when you go to sleep and 'dream' about great conquests? Most of this country's great victories are someone else's on a TV screen.. because most of you have made no life of your own. We've traded ethics, nobility and morals for superficial entertainment and money. Time to take back the country. This is my second venture into writing. My first book "MARCH OF THE COOKIE CUTTERS" was embraced by those with vision, and denied and scoffed at by those that were actually living out that lifestyle, themselves. The truth about the reality of their situation was too scary a place for them to go to. I am nearing the 'Big 50' now and my convictions for writing these ideas are stronger than ever. There have simply been too many visionaries out there that have seen the truth about what we have become.and all too clearly. I continue to be totally honest with you people--with zero coloration of the sad facts that are at hand. I promised myself in the beginning to never waver from the truth, and I will forever uphold to that principle. Luckily for me I do not have to deal with the large contingency of these perpetrators in my personal life. I am surrounded by, or have surrounded myself by the very good people that we still have.. Thank God!! Nothing of which I write about is based on any bitterness from personal experiences. I have a great family, and I have great friends. However, the problem people that I write about are now in massive numbers. My books are an attempt to dispel the myths and false mist that so many of us now exist in. So many of us are now just clone-copies of everybody else. We have almost forgot how to be sincere. We are losing our way. We must try to get back on the right track, and make America the great nation that it once was.
  • ISBN13: 9781598585834
  • Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing
  • Pubilcation Year: 2008
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 00284
Publication DateMay 28, 2008
Primary CategoryPsychology/Social Psychology
Publisher ImprintDog Ear Publishing

The Lords of Nothing

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