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Traveling underground through an icy tunnel system into an unknown mysterious realm seeking out the Gavel of Elrahon, our Grenelf family and friends stumble into a land of ice. According to dwarven traveling companion Sir Timlikadam, it be the very lands of the hairy horned monsters from his childhood tales. Following closely behind the Grenelf family and friends in the ice tunnels, a garrison of goblins sent by the Goblin King Nifere pursues them relentlessly. Back within their home lands of the west, Lord Eltor of Laveon murders his ruling brother King Edrain and seizes the throne of the Laveon kingdom for launching an invasion against neighboring Nihora. Unknown to Eltor, the diabolical Nifere wishes also to claim the lands of Nihora. The two evils clash and only one of the evil leaders shall survive, but not by the actions of the other. Within the ice lands, the quest for the Gavel of Elrahon becomes a task of survival as hidden treacheries from the past explode changing the course of destiny. The race to save the westerly lands against something much worse than the wrath of the Lord of Darkness and Shadow emerges unleashing an ultimate evil force from the depths of the underwolde. Hold onto your bows and axes, this action-packed concluding story for the two part epic may only be the beginning."
  • ISBN13: 9781452088792
  • Publisher: Authorhouse
  • Pubilcation Year: 2010
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 00400
Publication DateOctober 20, 2010
Primary CategoryFiction/Action & Adventure

The Middle Times

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