On the eve of her birthday, Ashley wakes to find her family murdered, a deadly hunger ravaging her body. A dark voice beseeches her to seek her new fate as an immortal being plunged into a world ruled by laws and myths long forgotten. Along the way, she meets Apollo, her soul mate, one born of two fathers. Together they travel, lost to their souls, confronting the unholy secrets the past. Violent passions erupt as Ashley fights her hunger for blood and lustful desires for her new companion. Meet the Firsts-Croven, the Witch. Orion, the Elfin King. Draagyn, the Vampire, destroyer of life. Danger unfolds as Ashley's soul is entwined with Draagyn's mate, Amber Rose, seeking once more to take her seat at his side. Follow into the web of deceit as Ashley struggles to find her true self. Is she Draagyn's Queen of Darkness reincarnate? The long lost beloved of her Apollo? Or, is she the prophecy yet to be fulfilled
  • ISBN13: 9780557473045
  • Publisher:
  • Pubilcation Year: 2010
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pages: 00353
Publication DateJuly 24, 2010
Primary CategoryFiction/Horror - General

The Other Side of Midnight

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