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Looking for the real women of today - those people who stand strong through the storm. Many real women have several similar character traits. These traits guide, support, and fuel them in every area of their lives. Their thoughts, beliefs, and actions are woven together to design a beautiful life. This book outlines 17 common characteristics that real women embody. These explanations are meant to provide you with an education, as well as to inspire you to become more of a real woman. Sometimes we do things the way previous generations have done without asking ourselves, does this really work for me? In whatever place you find yourself; my purpose is to inspire, empower, and challenge you. It is my goal to encourage you to live your life on the highest possible plane; to support you as you chisel away reasons and excuses to find the real you. Welcome to the beginning of your journey. May you feel called to live your life's purpose. Now is your time!
    Publication DateOctober 28, 2014
    Primary CategorySelf-Help/Creativity
    Publisher ImprintCara Landes

    The Real Woman's Guide

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