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A California family witness unforeseen murders of family members while police search for clues and the clock keeps ticking. Who will be next? Set in the hills above San Diego, California, where Don Luis Estoban establishes Rancho De Oro hoping to keep his holdings prosperous for future generations. In the 1950 s, after great wealth is gained, Arturo Estoban marries a San Francisco socialite and together they have three sons, Juan, Gustavo, and Ricardo, to carry on the Estoban name. Gustavo grows into a destructive bully with carnal desires. His greed and lust affects every family member and as he matures into a man he continues to battle his inner demons. A sudden chain of events leads to several questionable murders within the Estoban Clan and unsolved cases at the police department continue to increase, yet, in each case, everyone in the family has an iron clad alibis. There is no question that someone is out for revenge; but who? In this complex mystery, a California family is shocked by the death of family members and must help the police find clues to stop the killings before another member is found dead."
    Publication DateJune 20, 2014
    Primary CategoryFiction/Mystery & Detective - General

    The Rotten Seed

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