The scientific proof of the one true god/the me postulate includes both the original and modified version of the postulate. The original postulate was changed after the author better understood two events that occurred in 1998, and 1999. The events, integrated into the life of the author by the creator of humanity, provided the wavelength and frequency necessary to scientifically prove, the we of all humanity is integrated into the creator of humanity. The scientific proof of the one true god/the me postulate is therefore not an academic exercise, is instead one that can be proven or disproven using existing technology. Until the scientific community includes the creator of humanity in the theories of the universe, such as "The-God-Particle,""String-Theory,""The-Big-Bang,""Black-Holes," the theories will be nothing more than an intellectual pursuit in "The-Temple"-between-"The-Temples" to solve "The-(black-emotional-hole)-problem-of-having-been-made-to-feel-unworthy-of-being-lovnewed." The simple truth is the universe cannot be defined by any "Hang-My-Hat-On-Theory" that denies the universe is integrated into the creator of humanity because the creator is an integral part of the universe. If the scientific community would include the art of sensing the whisper of the one true god/the me in scientific theory, there would be no secrets of the universe because the creator would guide each/every scientist to understand the process of creationary evolution used to create the universe. The postulate is written in a modified version of "The-Non-Conventional-Writing-Style, Use-Of-Color-Coding" because including all of the elements of "The-Style" would make the text virtually unreadable. Each/every element of "The-Style" is intended to help the reader better understand the root cause of humanities problems, including global warming, is "The-(Generational-effect-Of-Black/White-Parenting-With-Fear, A-Lack-Of-lamal-Before-The-Age-Of-Two)," and choices made with the blessing of free will. "The-Style" is also being used as a visual aid that shows the effect being "(Severely-emotionally/Intellectually-Unbalanced)" has on the vibrationally sensitive universe. While the simple truth of free will is not new, there is a general lack of understanding of free will. The integration of free will into the gene code of humanity means the creator must ask, cannot make, any individual on the home planet help save the habitat for humanity because although there is always a string attached to anything free in a capitalistic society, there are no strings attached to the blessing of free will. The creator can however guide each/every individual on the home planet because the creator integrated a trusting, tender, truthful path into the gene code of humanity by creating cells that are vibrationally sensitive to the trusting, tender, truthful whisper of the one true god/the me. The individuals who comprise the we of all humanity must try to understand finding genuine happiness, joy, fulfillment within begins with not being too "(Proud)" to accept being "(Severely-emotionally/Intellectually-Unbalanced)," as the author did, because the process of becoming whole begins with looking in the mirror, and making the inward journey to remove "The-(egO-Bridge)-Fix" for "The-(black-emotional-hole)-Problem."
  • ISBN13: 9780991518746
  • Publisher: We of All Humanityouse
  • Pubilcation Year: 2014
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 00032
Publication DateMarch 31, 2014
Primary CategoryScience/Research & Methodology

The Scientific Proof of the One True God/The Me Postulate

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