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The secret of a victorious and prosperous life of Grace and faith, is a gem of valuable collection of divine concept released to bring solution to human struggles, troubles and traumas, trials and trespasses. It communicates information that would enable you to operate on the platform of grace and faith in God as you acquired an infallible way to overcome the pain and sufferings, turbulences, and turmoil, disasters, and distresses cause by life routine. A masperpiece of discovering to recover from the past mistakes of life made by virtually everyone, where people are trying so hard to find their foot on the ground of success, but forget to first find their head; the result is a miserable lifestyle. Hence therefore, the subject of grace and faith becomes a paramount importance. Jesus the giver of Grace is the Paradigm of victorious and prosperous life. The roll model on Human Aspirations: *Actors see Him as the greatest stage player and performer, the pricipal character in every play. *Actresses see Him as faithful backup partner, who delighted in promoting and uplifting women to full potientials. *Army sees Him as courageous freedom fighter, conqueror in combat. *Bankers see Him as the hidden treasure. *Bakers see Him as bread of life that satisfied hungry souls. *Builders see Him as skilled architect who designs and erected the highest tower of salvation. *Carpenters see Him as woodworking specialist, who specializes in joint, joining every broken situations. *Doctors see Him as the greatest physician healer of all diseases. *Managers see Him as organizer, coordinator, head of all affairs. *Nurses see Him as real caregiver, a tireless worker, a true governess who governed people's lives. He is the living bread to every hungry soul and the abundant river of living water for the thirsty soul.
  • ISBN13: 9781434353092
  • Publisher: Authorhouse
  • Pubilcation Year: 2008
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 00108
Publication DateAugust 1, 2008
Primary CategoryReference/Personal & Practical Guides

The Secret of a Victorious and Prosperous Life of Grace and Faith: Masterpiece of Abundant Life

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