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THE SNIPED LOVE A new romance novel, Stevie McFall is a married millionaire and business tycoon with two kids; Vanessa and Nicholas. They are a happy family until somewhere along the line, his wife dies in a fatal car crash. Although police claim it was an accident, many wild rumors suggest otherwise. How do the kids react to these rumors which implicate their father and someone dear to him - Vera? Stevie is madly in love with Vera, the alleged orchestrator of his wife's death, and he marries her against his kids' wishes. She is now faced with an uphill task of winning over 18year-old Nicholas and 16year-old Vanessa. Is it really possible for her to achieve this task? How far can she go to attain this and how hard will these deviant kids push to avenge their mom? Stevie believes a change of neighborhood would be the ideal solution to curtail the rumors his kids have come to embrace from their neighbors but after they relocate, more drama continues. When they finally find out the truth about their mom's death, was it their dad that did? or stepmom? or was it suicidal? There is a secret that their dad, mom and stepmom had hidden from them for their own good but when necessity sets in and they are told, how does it affect them? They realize they have become blinded antagonists and wronged a just person but after causing a gruesomely irreparable havoc, will they be able to bear this guilt? Find out by reading this great romance book. -THE SNIPED LOVE.-
    Publication DateFebruary 16, 2017
    Primary CategoryFiction/Romance - Suspense
    Publisher ImprintGlofton LLC

    The Sniped Love

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