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New for 2017, the definitive record guide to the progressive era of rock music, Strawberry Bricks presents a standard discography of music from artists around the globe. Beginning in 1967 and continuing through 1982, a generation of musicians took rock music in directions unforeseen as they charted what would become known as progressive rock. This edition also includes exclusive interviews with a host of musicians of the era, providing proof that progressive rock was indeed the music of a generation. From art rock to krautrock, from England to Germany to Italy and all across Europe, Strawberry Bricks offers a candid reappraisal of rock's most cerebral genre. -The definitive record guide to the era of progressive rock -Reviews of 476 albums from 1967 - 1982 -Exclusive interviews with 16 artists from the era -Fully edited, proofread and fact-checked -632 pages
    Publication DateApril 8, 2017
    Primary CategoryMusic/Genres & Styles - Rock

    The Strawberry Bricks Guide to Progressive Rock

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