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In this follow-up to Nothing New Under the Sun (2011), some of our favorite characters are figuring out how to move on from prior losses, disappointments, challenges, and failures while navigating new relationships and successes. Reunite with Charlie Warner-successful business owner, unlucky in love. Follow along as she tries to get over Lyle Fletcher and find someone she can enjoy success with as she builds her dynasty. Catch up with Hennessy Carter, and see what happens when she finally gets her heartthrob husband to sing a different tune, settle down and focus on their marriage. What ever will she do with Brody Burke? See what Audrey James-Abney is up to, now that her Abney is back in town full-time. Can they make it work? Remember Payton Warner, Charlie's baby sister? Well, she's back, and she's livelier than ever. See what she's up to these days as she comes into her own. Be prepared to welcome some new ladies into your heart as Keva Baldwin and Lisa Phillips join the cast too. Each woman's story is laden with key life lessons acquired through trial and experience, and exposes a wealth of emotions that often accompanies such trials. Some may strike you as familiar; at least I hope they do. I wrote this with you in mind. Follow along on their journey, pick up pieces you can use, and enjoy the scenery. Then tell me what you think at Thanks so much for allowing me in your personal space. TDF
  • ISBN13: 9781467573498
  • Publisher: Versatili-T Creations
  • Pubilcation Year: 2013
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 00210
Publication DateApril 1, 2013
Primary CategoryFiction/Contemporary Women

The Sun Hasn't Set

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