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Following Fritjof Capra's arguments in his Tao of Physics, this book seeks to implicate Western mysticism into theoretical physics by suggesting that the structure of space-time is defined by the Tree of Life. This is an image central to the Hebrew mystical tradition of Qabala and consists of ten sephira joined by twenty-two pathways. Supersymmetrical string theory, hailed as the most likely candidate for a theory of everything that will unify relativity with quantum mechanics, holds that the universe is ten dimensional--the four we are aware of plus six more that are curled up on one of a class of mathematical geometries called Calabi-Yau shapes too small to detect. My book asserts that the two tens are the same and describes a geometry derived from the Tree that is conjectured to be just one such Calabi-Yau shape. This defines a holographic, fractal universe in which life forms with a probability of 1. The argument goes that the concept of God is merely a metaphor of the universe, which is defined according to the Tree of Life with the sole purpose of creating the conditions necessary for the evolution of life, which is seen as a complexity formed by a fractal universe.
"The Symmetry of Gnosis is a work that takes us through numerous concepts-relativity, physics, quantum theory and string theory, the Qabala, the tarot, space-time continuum, DNA, cosmology, the occult, dark matter, mathematics, DNA, UFOs, reincarnation, miracles, Atlantis, the Greys (other-worldly beings), psychology, and philosophy. It's a sweeping view of the world for deep consideration." -US Review of Books

  • ISBN13: 9781466958890
  • Publisher: Trafford Publishing
  • Pubilcation Year: 2012
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 00336
Publication DateNovember 16, 2012
Primary CategoryScience/General
Sub Category 1Body, Mind & Spirit/Occultism

The Symmetry of Gnosis

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