A long-dead body unearthed from a shallow grave sets idyllic Grace County, Arkansas on edge, but nobody seems to be able to explain exactly why.
When small town reporter Jessie West connects the victim to an unsolved diamond heist from decades ago, though, what first appears to be a cold case turns quickly hot. Amidst a barrage of sudden threats and misdirections, she sets herself the task of finding the missing jewels. With the help of her lover, Deputy Sheriff Dallas Starr, they work to solve a pair of grisly murders while searching for the stolen diamonds and pursuing their favorite pastime--finding love in all the not-so-usual places.

The culprits know they're coming, though, and now their lives are at risk... and even Dal's watchful eye might not be enough to keep Jessie from danger this time.

    SeriesTwist of Poe
    Series Volume Number2
    Publication DateJune 22, 2017

    The Tell-Tale Stone

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