Officially approved world wide by over 200 sports bodies and referee associations covering over 50 sports and recreational activities. All ACME Thunderer whistles are fitted with our legendary no stick Pea. They work even after complete immersion in water, and are unaffected by even the worst rainstorm. Unbeatable in strong winds and easily heard because of their fluctuating frequencies.
  • 559 - Medium Size / Medium Pitch (558 - Large/Low, 560 - Small/High)
  • Provides a Similarly Wide Range of Tones as the Traditional Brass, Nickel Plated Range of Acme Thunderer Whistles - but at a More Economical Price.
  • A Favorite for Bird Hunting and Field Trials
  • There Is No Major League or Sport That Has Not Been Graced by This Whistle
  • Made in England Since 1884
Dimensions6.5 x 3 x 1 inches

Tide Rider Acme Thunderer Plastic Official Referee Coach Police Loud Whistle 559

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