The Tiny Ideas Ceramic Piggy Bank reminds you that it's never too early to teach your baby about the importance of saving and financial responsibility, even from a very young age. This Tiny Ideas Silver Mini Piggy Bank helps you do just that. You can coach your child on how to insert coins and bills in the slot that's carved right on the top. When they're older it also creates a wonderful opportunity to help them develop valuable math skills such as adding and subtracting. Not to mention showing them the value of each coin and piece of paper money. They'll also learn how to decide whether or not to spend their earnings. Your little one will be delighted to watch their savings grow while gaining a sense of independence.
This keepsake piggy bank isn't just practical, it's positively adorable! You'll appreciate the fine ceramic build and the versatile silver glaze that gives it a glossy finish.
  • Gift packaging makes this ceramic bank the perfect gift for a baby shower or little one's birthday
  • Helps teach your baby or child the importance of saving along with valuable math skills, decision making and the different values of coins and paper money

Tiny Ideas Ceramic Piggy Bank

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