The adjustable dual cooking grate / griddle system from Titan Outdoors is ideal for cooking over an open fire. The system is made up of heavy duty wire mesh cooking grate, solid steel griddle, and extra long and heavy spike post. The mesh grate for cooking hot dogs, steak, chicken, fish, or veggies over the open fire creates perfect grill marks on food without any hassle. The solid steel griddle is perfect for toasting buns, frying bacon, eggs, or even making pancakes once the grate has been well seasoned. The griddle is thick enough to retain heat well after it has been moved away from the open fire to keep your meals warm after you finish cooking. The 1" thick post spike is made from cold rolled steel giving the grill system a solid backbone and plenty of room to adjust height of the cooking surfaces.
- Easy assembly and installation
- Tough high temp finish
- Grate easily swivels out of the fire
- Use over an open fire or with a fire ring
- Heavy gauge steel retains heat for faster and more efficient cooking
- Stake length: 60"
- Stake thickness: 1" thick, solid cold rolled steel
- Mesh grate dimensions: 24" x 24"
- Griddle dimensions: 18" x 18"
- Griddle: 7/32" (.22") thick
- Cool touch spiral handles: 5" long
- Total Weight: 50 lb
WARNING: Fuels used in wood or charcoal burning appliances, and the products of combustion of such fuels, contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.
  • Very Durable: The grate and griddle have a solid steel construction, high temperature finish, and powder coating. The stake is made from thick, solid, cold rolled steel that will securely hold the grate and griddle.
  • Easy to Use: Slide griddle or grate over pole and lower to grill over open fires or fire rings. Lift by handles to remove for easy cleaning.
  • Well Designed: The 5" long spiral handles and heavy grill surface make it easy to change the height. The heavy gauge steel retains its heat for faster and better cooking.
  • Safe: The spiral handles are designed to stay cool even when the grate or the griddle are directly over the fire.

Titan Campfire Adjustable Swivel Grill Fire Pit Cooking Grate Griddle Plate BBQ

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