Open Country M/T Tire - 38/15.50R20LT - 125Q
  • Aggressive, Attack Tread Design With Hook Shaped Blocks: Delivers Excellent Off-Road Traction And Great On-Road Performance
  • Open, Scalloped Shoulder Blocks And Over-The-Shoulder Tread: Provides Maximum Traction Regardless Of Terrain
  • Deep Siping In The Tread Blocks: Help Maintain Grip On Wet Surfaces
  • High Turn-Up, Three Ply Polyester Casing: Strengthens Tire To Provide Excellent Handling And Durability While Maintaining Proper Load Capacity
  • Over-The-Shoulder Tread: Provides Additional Forward Traction In Deep Mud And Snow
ColorAs Shown
Dimensions37.7 x 15.9 x 37.7 inches
Aspect Ratio15.5
Speed RatingQ

Toyo 360190 Open Country M/T Tire - 38/15.50R20LT - 125Q


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