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Two years after surviving a late-season snowstorm with no food or shelter, 16-year-old Mark is back in the Eastern High Sierras - this time to complete a summer internship with the California Forest Service. Mark's job is supposed to be helping maintain trails throughout the Sierras, but very soon he gets involved with thwarting a bear-poaching ring and saving a rare bighorn ram from a big-game hunter who's determined to add the ram to his collection of some of the world's most exotic - and rapidly disappearing - animals. Mark fought off a bear and bad weather in his first trip to the High Sierras. This time it's guns and bad guys - and he'll need all the courage and grit to survive his second trip into California's wilderness.
  • Genre: Juvenile / Children's Fiction
  • Pages: 192
  • Author: Ken Cable
  • ISBN: 0983787336
  • Publisher: Reader Publishing Group
Publication DateJuly 10, 2013
Primary CategoryJuvenile Fiction/Action & Adventure - Survival Stories

Track of the Hunter

Ken Cable

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