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V, the 13 year-old-chosen one, has returned from his quest to quell the Unbound Evil. Now, with his newfound amnesiac alien ally, Vizor, V must venture out to Hell and find Vizor's home planet, Treah, so they can locate the Shadow Prophecies before the Devil and Vizor's father destroy Earth using the power of the prophecies.

Though, how does one get to Hell? Death? Not in this case... when in search of the answer, V crosses paths with an Alexandrian police commander who imprisons and tortures him. With the help of Vizor's vampire friend, Hazy, V escapes and is taken to Transylvania, which he is told is home to all vampires. What he doesn't know is Hazy has a secret, and unlocking it is the key for Vizor and V to find Treah and its inhabitants, the Omoh Sapiens. These evil human counterparts kidnap V, and he is faced with their ultimate weapon. To survive, he needs to find the strength within himself and his new alien friend to topple the Omoh Sapiens and save the Earth. However, V's true enemy is not the Omoh Sapiens, it's not Vizor's father, and it's not even the Devil. It's himself.

    SeriesLegend of V
    Series Volume Number2
    Publication DateApril 6, 2017

    Triangle Corruption

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