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Discover the many joys of freshly ground flour. Because you want only the best for yourself and you family freshly-ground flour made from the whole wheat rice oats corn or any other grain is the best way to leaver-age the maximum nutrition and flavor of these essential foods. With power beauty and precision Hawos stone grain mills are classically styled and German-engineered to unlock all the nutrients and flavors of grain on demand when you need them for many years of useful service. Your favorite breads pastas cereals and desserts will come alive as never before. You insist on fresh juice for its greater taste and nutrition-why settle for less with this equally important food group? The valuable nutrients of the whole grain and the wealth of vitamins in the germ are all only present in freshly ground flour. With German-engineered Hawos grain mill you can produce your own whole grain flour whenever you need it. Wonderful flavor and all the benefits that freshly milled flour offers in terms of health and physical well-being are reason enough to invest in a quality mill.
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    Tribest HM-MILL Hawo's Grain Mills


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