A religious Southern clan cite God's will as justification for torturing each other. ..". There is a certain excitement that one experiences quite quickly when exposed to his plays - it doesn't take long to recognize a truly gifted writer who has an emotionally (and otherwise) quite powerful story to tell ... TRUEBLINKA's title, the kiln and the Teutonic family name are not the only markers of this holocaust drama, writ small. But they are enough to set the dark, creepy, metaphor-heavy story in motion ... This is theater worth staying up for." -Les Gutman, CurtainUp "Though the title suggests a meditation on history's worst atrocities, Adam Rapp's TRUEBLINKA is essentially a dysfunctional-American-family play, inflated to apocalyptic proportions. In a dimly lit house somewhere in creepiest flyover country ... It's laudable that Rapp doesn't shy away from difficult subject matter at a time when most new plays risk so little ..." -Village Voice
  • ISBN13: 9780881453348
  • Publisher: Broadway Play Publishing Inc
  • Pubilcation Year: 2008
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 00098
Publication DateMay 1, 2008
Primary CategoryDrama/American - General
Publisher ImprintBroadway Play Publishing Inc


Adam Rapp

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