ONE INGREDIENT: PEACHES: Take a look at the nutritional information on this product. It's just one ingredient: Peaches. Nothing else. These are real peaches that were picked fresh and immediately freeze-dried to preserve their inherent nutritional value. Freeze-drying is a time-tested process used for preserving food. It requires specialized and highly-technical freeze-drying chambers. Food is placed in the chamber and frozen so quickly that the water within the food sublimates, which is to say that it immediately turns to vaper and is removed in a vacuum. The result? A perfectly preserved peach that can last for decades. NO WASTE: All Tsogo food is packaged with long-term storage in mind. We want to end global food waste. The more time you have to consume your food, the less-likely you will be to throw it away. Think of how many fruits and veggies you have tossed out this year? Good food science is about excellent food preservation as much as it is about balanced nutrition. ONLY THE BEST PACKAGING: Why use thick, silver pouches and cans? All of Tsogo's fruits and veggies are packaged in heavy mylar pouches and sealed #10 cans that are air and light resistant. Each pouch and can contains an o2 absorber that removes the moisture and the atmospheric air from within. Without moisture and air, food can become shelf stable for decades. Storing your food in a cool and dry place can also contribute to longer shelf life. Tsogo pouches, cans and buckets are resealable, which helps to extend shelf life even after they are opened. HOW TO PREPARE: Freeze-dried peaches are a tasty and healthy snack by themselves. You can eat them right out of the pouch, instead of unhealthy chips or snacks. Kids love them as much as adults! Blended into a vanilla or natural Tsogo smoothie, freeze-dried peaches add taste and variety that is hard not to love. It doesn't take much to transform your smoothie. Just 1-2 peach slices is enough to bring a new smoothie flavor to life.
  • ALL NATURAL, NO ADDITIVES: This means the every Tsogo Fruit or Veggie does NOT contain artificial ingredients or preservatives. The only ingredient in this can of delicious Tsogo Peaches is peaches.
  • THE ULTIMATE SNACK OR SMOOTHIE FLAVOR: Every Tsogo Fruit or Veggie makes the perfect snack or smoothie addition. Put a couple scoops of Tsogo Peaches in a pouch and take with you on your next outing. Eat them as a quick healthy snack at work, school or while you're hanging out at home. Also, be sure to add these Tsogo Peaches to any of your favorite Tsogo Smoothie Meal Replacement Drinks for an added boost of flavor and nutrition. Each can will flavor up to 100 smoothies.
  • ONE INGREDIENT: Peaches. Enjoy 43 servings of delicious freeze-dried peach dices. You'll be adding additional vital minerals such as potassium, fluoride and iron. (just to name a few) to your Tsogo Smoothie experience.
  • 20+ YEAR SHELF-LIFE: What does this mean for you? This means that you can enjoy your Tsogo Fruits and Veggies you buy today a month from now, a year from now, even 20 years from now. No more throwing out moldy or wilted fruits and veggies becasue all Tsogo Fruits and Veggies are packaged to perfection. These Tsogo Peach Dices taste great and will be there for you when you want them.

Tsogo Freeze-Dried Peach Dices


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