Turmeric the Magnificent - Antioxidant, Immune & Whole Body Wellness Support Adult Dogs & Cats

Turmeric the Magnificent Adult - Antioxidant, Immune & Whole Body WellnessSupport Adult Dogs and Cats - Turmeric the Magnificent - Antioxidant, Immune& Whole Body Wellness Support Adult Dogs and Cats - Turmeric the Magnificentcontains highly specialized adaptogens, which have the ability to detectmetabolic, environment, emotional and oxidative stress in your dog and cat andwork to help nutritionally correct imbalance. A potent anti-oxidant that mayhelp fight disease, may boost your pet’s immune system, help soothe thedigestive system and help limit inflammation and pain response in the body.Contains natural plant phytochemicals that have a pronounced effect onendocrine, neurological, digestive, immune and cardiovascular systemfunctions. May help optimize overall wellness and may limit inflammation dueto natural plant chemicals that help cool inflammatory response throughout apet’s body. May help improve digestion due to its effects to suppressinflammation in the gut, may help address Alzheimer's disease by helping limitmicro-inflammation in the brain and supporting theneuro/endocrine/cardiovascular link. Turmeric may positively affect your pet’simmune health and may help optimize overall wellness. Contains no synthetic orchemical ingredients may help your dog and cat achieve immune system balance and help optimize canine and feline health.

Product Features

  • May help inhibit and eliminate free radical damage and may also help limit multiple inflammation pathways related to endocrine, cardiovascular, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, reproductive, immune and excretory systems
  • Boosts or balances immunity as needed; provides protection from oxidative stress; supports the bodys natural anti-inflammatory response, which is directly linked to disease prevention
  • May limit allergies by acting as a decongestant and anti-histamine to limit mast cell and histamine response; helps cleanse and detoxify the liver, kidneys and gall bladder; may help halt mutations in DNA & enzyme production related to cancer formation
  • Addresses Alzheimer's by limiting micro-inflammation in the brain; may prevent heart disease and strokes by inhibiting plaque build-up in the arteries, including those that provide the brain with essential oxygen and nutrients
  • May help improve digestion due to its effects to suppress inflammation in the gut and to soothe the belly and supports native gut flora

    Turmeric the Magnificent - Antioxidant Immune & Whole Body Wellness Support Adult Dogs & Cats

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