Directions: The UP CO2 diffuser has a high efficiency of dissolving CO2 into water up to almost 100% .With its optimum efficiency, the diffuser is dissolving twice the amount of CO2 compare to other brand in the market.Besides being efficiency, the product is designed to take up a minimum space in the aquarium and easy installation.Multi-function connectors are provided to match commonly use power head in the market.With all these unique features this product has, UP CO2 diffuser have provide a world class plant product for its innovation.
  • When water & carbon dioxide is supplied into the reactor, it causes the bio-ball in the creation a fusion chamber to spin, creating a fusion reaction where CO2 is fully dissolved in water within a short period of time, resulting minimum CO2 wasted.
  • For 4/6mm co2 tube (Does not contain)

UP MULTI DIRECTION CO2 Diffuser 40~120L tank - aquarium plants Atomizer Reactor

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