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The concept of anti-Americanism has existed ever since the emergence of the United States. It started as European cultural laments and then came to be defined as ideological clash in the cold war context. These forms of anti-Americanisms were limited to certain parts of the world. However, since Soviet Union disintegration, ideas like clash of civilizations and end of history tried to portray it in the light of misperceived clash of cultures and beliefs. Moreover World Trade Center bombing (1993), Oklahoma bombing (1995)attacks on US embassies Nairobi Darussalam (1998), bombing of US ship Cole in Yemen (2000), and eventually 9/11, showed changing nature of widespread and militant form of anti-Americanism. It may not be right to assert that center of anti-Americanism changed from East Europe to Muslim World, rather research shows that anti-American sentiments remained prevalent equally in Latin America, East & West Europe and most parts of the Muslim World with certain exceptions. It is asserted that current wave of anti-Americanism is not ideological. It has noting to do with beliefs rather, it is a reaction to U.S. policies which were hurting the sovereignty of many states
  • ISBN13: 9783659109393
  • Publisher: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
  • Pubilcation Year: 2012
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 00088
Publication DateMay 10, 2012
Primary CategoryPolitical Science/International Relations - General

U.S. Image in the Muslim World

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