Ultimate Clon Thes Steamer is a vertical compacItsteamer. Quick & easy way to remove wrinkles, you will never have to iron again. IItremoves odor m ric, resThes, sanitizes your clotheing. IITheats up in seconds & is sato use on delicate rics. No more TheaItadjustment, so no more burnItor damaged clotheing. Vertical steaming makes iIteasy to geItThe wrinkles ouItoThe curtains. Sato use on garments withe embroidery, sequins & on Ther decorations. Gets The job done 5 times quicker thean conveAntional ironing. Also included withe The Steamer is a e space saving hanger. CompacIt& lightweight. Easy & ecient. No need The ironing board. Theats up in seconds. Change The way you take care oour clotheing ever.
  • Vertical compact steamer to remove wrinkles, you never have to iron again.
  • Removes odors from fabric, refreshes, sanitizes your clothing
  • Safe to use on garments with embroidery, sequins & other decorations.
  • Compact & lightweight. Easy & efficient
  • 60 days

Ultimate Clothes Steamer w/ Free Lint Brush


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