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Under Gravel Filter x1 (19.9x14cm / 7.8"x5.5")
  • Caring Guide: At least 1~2 inches of washed gravel should be placed on top of the filter plate before water is added.
  • The Flow Under gravel Filter is a biological filtration system for fresh or saltwater aquariums.
  • The filter circulates water through the gravel bed and oxygenates it for beneficial bacteria growth.
  • Pls see the Pipe diameter on item page, it's the size suitable with a filter, and it could using with any kind of filter, or a submersible pump or outer filter.
  • Under Gravel Filter x1 (19.9x14cm / 7.8"x5.5")

Under Gravel Filter 7.8"x5.5" Undergravel Filteration for Fish Tank Air Pump

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