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Your fish are just as curious as you are. (That's why they keep staring back at you.) The Uniquarium 75 Gallon Tube Aquarium features a unique two-room design connected by two tubes, letting your fish explore and enjoy a change of scenery. Beginners love the simplicity, and pros appreciate the high-capacity Bio-Fil 3-way filter, Rio high-flow powerhead and more, maintaining perfect environmental peace without ugly tubes, pumps, or hoses. Choose your favorite tint color, then turn your fish into explorers. (AAT008-1)
  • Two-room aquarium connected by two tubes
  • 75-gallon capacity
  • Lighter, brighter, safer, and stronger than glass
  • 3-way all-in-one Bio-Fil filter
  • Choose clear, blue, or black acrylic
ColorSapphire Blue
Dimensions48L x 18W x 24H in.
Size75 Gallons

Uniquarium 75 Gallon Tube Aquarium

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Sapphire Blue

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