• Rivet post pressure expands legs for fast and permanent fastening.
  • Used widely for car fender, bumper, door or other car suface.
  • Push in type, are made of the plastic material, fit 8mm diameter hole.
  • Consisted of two parts(male and female part).
  • Insert the female part into hole, push the male part to the bottom, closed position.
  • To uncouple the two parts, unhook the male part by using a tool under its head.
  • Brand: NYLON CHRISTMAS TREE Carpet Floor Mat Clips
  • Other Part Number: Screw Fender Body Door Trim Panel Hood
  • Interchange Part Number: Under Engine Splash Guard Rivet Fastener Clips
  • Manufacturer Part Number: Plastic Push-Type Bumper Retainer Clip
  • Applications1: Defender Door Card Interior Weatherstrip Moulding
Dimensions8.40 x 6.40 x 0.80 Inches

Unique Bargains 100Pcs Car 8mm Hole Plastic Rivets Clips Black

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