• Commonly applied to metal, woodworking, arts and crafts and glass and marble work, these files set can satisfy your different needs.
  • These popular precision files are indispensable mechanic tool for mechanics, electronics repair, woodworking and other applications.
  • It allows precise filing in hard to reach areas on metal, wood, plastic, ceramic, etc.
  • 10 suits, different shapes, not a single sell
  • 1, 1 Pcs Flat rasp width:10mm/0.4 Inch
  • 2, 2 Pcs Triangle rasp width: 9mm/0.35 Inch; 6mm/0.2 Inch
  • 3, 2 Pcs Round rasp diameter: 5mm/0.2 Inch;6mm/0.2 Inch
  • 4, 1 Pcs Square rasp width: 4.5mm/0.2 Inch
  • 5, 3 Pcs Oval rasp width:7.5mm/0.3 Inch; 8mm/0.3 Inch;9.5mm/0.35 Inch
  • 6, 1 Pcs Semi-circle rasp width: 8.5mm/0.3 Inch
  • It more value for DIY ! ! ! !

For CALIFORNIA residents only:

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.
Please note that by posting this Proposition 65 warning, we are notifying you that one or more of the Proposition 65 listed chemicals may be present in a product. With Unique Bargains' products, the exposure to these chemicals may be of no significant risk to you, but out of caution, we have elected to place this warning on our site to make sure our customers are informed.

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  • Material: Diamond,Rubber; Net Weight: 266g
  • Package Content: 10 Pcs x Needle File; Product Name: Needle File
  • Shank Diameter: 5mm/0.2"
  • Total Length: 180mm/7"
  • Color: Silver Tone, Red
Dimensions9.36 x 6.24 x 0.78 Inches

Unique Bargains Jeweler Lapidary Ceramic Tool Woodwork Micro Diamond Needle Files 10 Pcs

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