Give your afternoon coffee a new best friend with Uniquely J Almond Espresso Biscotti Thins. These thin biscotti chips have all the almond-espresso flavor you could ask for in full-sized biscotti cookies, but packed into poppable form — which means it’s easy to enjoy as little or as much as you want. (Not that anyone’s eating less than a fistful, but still, you technically could.) These twice-baked biscotti thins aren’t just incredibly satisfying, though. They’re also made without preservatives or artificial flavors, and they don’t have any cholesterol. So next time you want a little something sweet at snack time or for after-lunch dessert at your desk, just grab a box of these babies and crunch to your heart’s content.
  • Twice-baked biscotti thins with almonds and espresso flavor
  • 5.3 oz box of thin biscotti chips, 120 calories per serving
  • No preservatives or artificial flavors
  • No cholesterol

Uniquely J Almond Espresso Biscotti Thins, 5.3 Oz

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