The Yoga Zen Strap can assist a professional or a beginner with those trouble poses during your yoga session. The Zen Yoga Strap will aid you through your routine and will increase your flexibility. Increases Flexibility Durable Strap Helps "bridge the gap" Helps hold pose longer
  • COMFORTABLE: Helps you to reach poses during yoga in a comfortable manner
  • INCREASE FLEXIBILITY: Helps to increase flexibility and to intensify yoga sessions so get that perfect relief
  • LONGER DURATION POSE: Can help you to hold poses for longer
  • ADAPTABLE AND CHANGEABLE:The strap is adjustable via metal buckles
  • DURABLE STRAP: Premium quality strap that last for a long duration so now you have no problem doing your regular yoga exercise

Unisex New Black Slim Yoga Zen Strain Increases Your Flexibility


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