"Universal Design For Builders: Building & Selling Accessible, Safe & Comfortable New Homes" is a special type of book written for homebuilders and new home salespeople on how to create home designs that people want and that will sell by including universal design elements and features. The result is a safe, accessible, comfortable, convenient, visitable, and sustainable new home. The objective is to appeal to all ages and abilities and to implement strategies and solutions that are nearly invisible - ones that do not call attention to the design but fit right in as functional elements to achieve a safe design for the widest possible audience. Aging in place and remaining in the home are guiding principles - along with safety and accessibility. The 7 chapters in this book are 1 - "What Is Universal Design?" 2 - "Universal Design As A Solution," 3 - "Easy Universal Design Solutions," 4 - "Important Universal Design Strategies," 5 - "Other Universal Design," 6 - "Universal Design On The Outside," and 7 - "Universal Design Means Greater Appeal." This book will serve as a ready guide for designing, creating, and building new homes that will be distinguishable in the marketplace and will appeal to new homebuyers, visitors, guests, and future owners.
  • ISBN13: 9780615847221
  • Publisher: Hoffacker Associates LLC
  • Pubilcation Year: 2013
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 00162
Publication DateJuly 8, 2013
Primary CategoryHouse & Home/Design & Construction
Publisher ImprintHoffacker Associates LLC

Universal Design For Builders: Building & Selling Accessible. Safe & Comfortable New Homes

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