The Steel Truck Dockplate Is Constructed Of High Strength Inx-55 (55,000 Psi) Steel. Safety Locking Legs Prevent Slippage Between Truck And Dock. Safety Tread Plate Helps Provide Positive Traction. Beveled Edges For Smooth Entry And Exit. Chain Pickup Comes Standard. Designed With An 11° Bend Located 9" From The Beveled Edge. The Legs Are 10" From The Beveled Edge. Manufactured In Compliance With Osha. When Using Three Wheeled Pallet Trucks, Select Capacity +20% Due To Concentrated Load Center Of Board.
  • Brand: VESTIL
  • Part Number: SE-3642
  • Dimensions: 42.0 x 36.0 x 7.0 Inches
  • Weight: 164.0 Lbs
  • Steel Truck Dockplate,2650 lb.,36 x 42

Steel Truck Dockplate,2650 lb.,36 x 42


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