The Steel Truck Dockboard Is Constructed Of High Strength (55,000 Psi) Steel For Long Life. Beveled Edges On Both Ends Permit Smooth Entry And Exit. Deck Is Diamond Plated For Safe, Efficient Use. Welded Safety Curbs For Maximum Strength. Locking Legs Minimize Ramp Movement And Are Uneven To Allow The Dockboard To Sit Canted For Easier Floor Pickup By Fork Trucks When Not In Use. Standard With Leverlift For Quick Portability With Fork Truck. Legs Are Located 12" From The Edge Of The Dockboard. Manufactured In Compliance With Osha. Optional Accessories: Lifting Chains, Span Locks, Span Pins/Holes And Removable Pickup Loops.
  • Brand: VESTIL
  • Part Number: TS-30-6642
  • Dimensions: 42.0 x 66.0 x 18.0 Inches
  • Weight: 642.0 Lbs
  • Steel Truck Dockboard,30,000 lb.,66Wx42L

Steel Truck Dockboard,30,000 lb.,66Wx42L


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