VIOTEK Massaging Seat Cushion: What your Back and Muscles have been Looking For. Perfect for your Home, Office & CarDrive from New York to Florida for the summer, plan your latest startup at home, or organize the company schedule at work. Whatever you do, the Massaging Seat Cushion will be the ideal best friend for your back and thighs. Let your body breathe and relax with VIOTEK’s Massaging Seat Cushion for home, office, and cars.With a push of a button, your shoulders, back, and thighs will feel the relieving pressure caused by rapidly inflated airbags and powerful air pressure. Release tension and stress and help alleviate aches and pains each sitting! Then, it will automatically turn off after 15 minutes or when your car does.The Massaging Seat Cushion is built with 6 layers of top-of-the-line materials that resist tearing, ensure long-term use, and promote proper support. Whether you drive across the nation for a living or run your business from a home office, you can have continued freedom from stiffness and aches just by sitting down!Feel your stress and fatigue fade away. Let VIOTEK’s Massaging Seat Cushion show you what true comfort really is.Easy InstallationThe Massaging Seat Cushion installs in minutes in your car or office for the quick massage solution that will melt away your stress, aches, and fatigue. Using the built-in buckles, hooks, and stoppers, it securely attaches to your car seat or office chair and will never slip off!Slip the securing band around the seat.Secure and fasten the three main buckles around the seat. If there is a headrest, fasten the topmost buckle around it.Insert the stoppers in the gap between the two seat sections.Make sure the front of the cushion is neatly over the seat. Grab the twin hooks and secure them to the undercarriage of the seat.For cars, connect the power cord to the seat cushion and car adapter. For office chairs, use a power bank or AC adapter.*Power bank not included.Cycle through 4 ModesPress the power button to pinpoint specific areas or experience a full back massage for up to 15 minutes.Mode 1: All 8 airbags will be activated for a deep, air pressure massage on your entire back and thighs. It will ease stiffness and aches in multiple zones at once!Mode 2: As the ideal mode for work spent hunched over desks or long drives, Mode 2 relieves pain in your mid and lower back.Mode 3: For those who run and move regularly or make deliveries, massage your lower back and thighs.Mode 4: Erase the stress from your shoulders and back, which is perfect for those who regularly carry heavy packages or bench at the gym.
  • AIR PRESSURE MASSAGE – Press the LED button to activate airbags that provide more flexibility than rigid plastic massagers
  • TARGET 4 ZONES – Alleviate stiffness & aches with the 4-point targeting massage cushion for the neck, back & thighs
  • AUTOMATIC SHUTOFF – This massage chair pad turns off automatically when your car does or after 15 min
  • FOR YOUR CAR & OFFICE – Easily install the Massaging Seat Cushion in your car or office to begin erasing your aches and pains
  • QUALITY MATERIALS – The chair massage pad is both durable & luxurious to the touch with its synthetic leather & micro suede
Dimensions19 x 18.5 x 22.5 inches

VIOTEK Air Pressure Office/Car Massage Seat Cushion with Remote – Targets Shoulders, Lower/Upper Back, Waist & Thighs (BLACK)


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