• Technically Advanced Centrifugal Unit That Does Not Require A Connection Between The Engine Oil Pan And The Compressor Or Gear Case.
  • Uniquely Configured Transmission Housing That Allows For Effective Gear Lubrication And Bearing Temperature Control.
  • Integrated Gear Case Baffling For Proper Oil Control.
  • Simple Oil Slinger Design Does Not Require A Separate Shaft Or Bearing Set For Effective Fluid Delivery To Gears And Bearings.
  • Includes Remote Fluid Drain Hose That Allows For Simple Oil Changes Without Removing The Supercharger From The Vehicle.
  • Integrated Dipstick For Easy Fluid Checks.
  • The NOVI SL Supercharger Can Be Installed Into Any Existing NOVI 1200, 1220, 1500 Or 2200 Bracketry.
  • Engine Compatibility - Ford 4.6L Engines.
  • Charger Type - Centrifugal/ High Output.
  • Fuel Delivery Application - Electronic Fuel Injection.
  • Pulley Style - Supercharger.
  • Finish - Satin.
  • Material - Billet Aluminum Mounting Plate.
  • Fits for - 2007-2008 Ford Mustang.
    ColorAs Shown

    VORTECH 1001853SL 2007-2008 Ford Mustang Satin Supercharger Kit


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