VTech UP416
10 User Office Bundle
Brand New Includes 2 Year Warranty
The VTech UP416 + UP406 + UP407 is a phone system with extension deskset and accessory cordless handset. The ErisBusinessSystem™ four line operation phone is packed with the best VTech features and manage calls from 1-4 telephone lines simultaneously.
The VTech UP416 is a console of a 4-line telephone system. It is expandable to a maximum of 15 (UP406) Desksets, a (UP407) Cordless Handset and a VTech (IS6100) Cordless Headset. Each (UP407) Cordless Handset & (IS6100) Cordless Headset requires a Console (UP416) or Deskset (UP406) to Operate. You can register only one (UP407) Cordless Handset and one VTech (IS6100) Cordless Headset to a (UP416) Console or a (UP406) Deskset.When the Console or a Deskset has cordless accessories, the accessories are all part of the same extension. Only one device with the same extension can be used at a time.System Setup requires a router.
The UP416 is a full-duplex speakerphone that can keep up with your calls and increase participation by allowing parties on both ends to speak and be heard at the same time. One can store 50 names and numbers and 200 call history. Additional features include 3 languages LCD prompt, One-touch setting, hearing aid-compatible and auto line selection.
UP416 + UP406 + UP407 Features:
  • Expandable upto 16 Stations
    - 1 Console & 15 Desksets

  • Full Duplex Base SpeakerPhone
  • 8 Level LCD Contrast
  • 200 Station Name / Number Caller ID Memory
  • 50 Station Phone Directory /

    VTech UP416 ErisBusiness Console w/ (UP406-9 + UP407-2) Additional Phones


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