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The Carpet Magnet is easily installed on all types of upright vacuums, designed to help eliminate costly repairs by magnetically attracting and clearing the vacuumed surface area of paper clips, staples, pins, needles and other metals composed of iron and steel. Fits standard size vacuums. All hardware included. Flexible to fit contour of vacuum. 11 1/2" x 7/8"
  • This commercial-strength vacum cleaner magnet attaches to any 12" wide vacuum cleaner . . . grabbing metal and paper clips that can destroy $$$ expensive vacum cleaners.
  • Execs don't want to hear why you broke an $$$ expensive vacum because you sucked up a paper clip or metal . . . that's NOT the kind of attention you want to move ahead.
  • Top Choice Upscsale Restrooms: Class A Offices, Resorts & Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, Churches, Stadiums, Theaters, Airports, Country Clubs, Fitness Centers, RVs, Boats, Military, etc.
  • Easily and quickly attaches to metal bumper of any 12" wide vacuum cleaner.
  • When your image and reputation matters more . . . . .

Vacum Cleaner Magnet Bumper, Commercial-Strength 12" Vacum Cleaner Magnet Bar, Avoid $$$ Destroying Vacum Motors & Roller Bars with Metal Clips -- Don't Chance It.

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