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Many of French guitarist Franck Vigroux's solo recordings seem like a natural descendent of Pan Sonic's pioneering brand of brutal noise-techno, so his collaboration with Pan Sonic co-founder Mika Vainio is a perfect fit. The two personalities merge into one, with Vainio's minimal, arctic droning and precise noise bursts complementing Vigroux's sheets of caustic guitar and occasional vocoder-masked vocals. The pieces range from quiet, pulsating tracks to more broken, jagged ones with distorted scud bomb blasts piercing through the tundra without warning. As typical of much of Vainio's work, however, the noise elements are controlled, never erupting into unstructured chaos. Even at its slowest and calmest, the album is always dark and suspenseful, constantly feeling like it's a few steps away from being devoured by the void. ~ Paul Simpson
  • Vainio & Vigroux - Peau Froide Leger Soleil [CD]
Publication Date20151113
Publisher ImprintForced Exposure

Peau Froide Leger Soleil

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