CP3123500G2ZN, 5/16 in Diameter X 3-1/2 in Length Extended Prong Cotter Pin, Carbon Steel, Zinc Manufactured by Western Wire Products
  • A cotter pin (also known as a cotter key) is a metal fastener with two tines that are bent during installation. A new cotter pin will have its flat inner surfaces touching for most of its length, so that it appears to be a split cylinder. Once inserted, the two ends of the pin are bent apart, locking it in place. In order to facilitate the initial separation of the tines, one tine of the cotter pin is often noticeably longer than the other; and in order to ease insertion into a hole, the longer tine is often slightly curved or beveled to overlap the tip of the shorter tine.
  • Cotter pins provide secure locking between 2 parts
  • Meets ANSI/ASME 18.8.1 and IFI standards
  • ROHS compliant

    Value Brand Zinc Cotter Pin (Pack of 50)

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