Buster Benton - Very Best Of Buster Benton (CD NEW)

Label: Fuel 2000
Format: CD
Release Date: 04 Dec 2012
No. of Discs: 1
UPC: 030206194128
Album Tracks
1. Spider In My Stew
2. Dangerous Woman
3. Money Is the Name of the Game
4. Good To the Last Drop
5. Sweet 94
6. Born With The Blues
7. Love Like I Wanna
8. Leave Me Alone
9. Sorry
10. Funny About The Money
11. Lonesome For A Dime
12. Do It In The Rain
13. Disco Blues
14. Lean On Me
  • Very Best Of Buster Benton
GenreBlues Music
FormatAudio CD
Publication Date20121204

Very Best of Buster Benton

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