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Unlike many other tapes who simply increase the amount of adhesive or package it differently, the creators of Vetkin worked cooperatively with veterinary institutes, olympic teams, ISELP, and the Equine and Canine Institutes to develop a tape specifically for veterinary applications. While it uses the same high quality cotton material base as CureTape, it undergoes a specialized drying process when combined with the adhesive to create a tape that has 35% stronger adhesion, but is easier to remove from the coat than traditional CureTape. It comes in a 2.4 inch (6cm) wide and 16.5 foot long roll which means you get 20% more tape per roll than a traditional 2 inch (5cm) wide roll for about 12 applications per roll.
  • Each uncut roll 2.4 inch X 16.4 foot (6cm X 5m) roll provides 20% more tape than competitors.
  • Fabric / Elasticity: Soft, comfortable, and breathable 100% medical-grade cotton fibers are specially woven into a tape with 145% elasticity.
  • Vetkin’s specialized 35% stronger adhesive is powerful enough to last for days without being difficult to remove.
  • Vetkin Tape is partnered with ISELP and was designed with cooperation and testing by equine health professionals.
  • Each roll comes with application instructions, TÜV (Technical Inspection Association) certification, and a quality guarantee!

Vetkin Equine Tape 2.4" X 16' Uncut Roll


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