'Views from the Inside' is a stunning album from the multi-faceted trombonist, composer and conductor JC Sanford and his 15-piece orchestra.
Sanford is a multiple award-winning composer and 2 times Grammy-nominated artist as a member of the John Hollenbeck ensemble. His wide-ranging compositional palette is deeply rooted in the traditions of the jazz and classical worlds yet pushes both boundaries to create a landmark recording of the new jazz orchestra renaissance, featuring bold sonorities, unexpected colours and arresting sonic textures.
The Orchestra features many of New York's creative musicians brought together to form a completely unique ensemble featuring non-traditional instrumentation. Neither a big band nor conventional chamber group, the orchestra is a hybrid ensemble that has resulted from Sanford's extensive experience over the years composing for a variety of instruments in a multitude of contexts, media and genres.
Throughout the album programmed electronics fuse seamlessly with shimmering brass lines; epic moments of free improvisation evolve into to rapturous full-orchestra refrains; dense, cluster-harmonies give way to spacious violin and trombone improvisations; quirky odd meters shift into deep swing or flowing conducted rhapsodies. The result is an exciting musical adventure that both invigorates and challenges the listener.
Personnel: JC Sanford (composer, conductor, trombone), Satoshi Takeishi (percussion), Jacob Garchik (accordion), Tom Beckham (vibraphone), Meg Okura (violin, electronics), Will Martina (cello, electronics), Aidan O Donnell (double bass), Dan Willis (oboe, piccolo, flute, soprano sax), Ben Kono (English horn, clarinets, flute, alto saxophone), Chris Bacas (clarinet, saxophones), Kenny Berger - clarinet, bassoon, alto flute), Taylor Haskins (trumpet, flugelhorn, harmonizer), Matt Holman (trumpet, flugelhorn), Mark Patterson (tenor trombone), Jeff Nelson (tuba, bass trombone), Chris Komer (French horn)
  • Jc Sanford - Views From the Inside [CD]
GenreJazz Music
Publication Date20140527
Publisher ImprintRelativity Entertainment

Views from the Inside

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