Semi truck air horn with a loud low pitch sound of a 149 decibels. Triple chrome plated metal trumpet with weather protection cover. Will look great on any truck. Comes with a front chrome plated metal pedestal to eliminate vibration at high speeds and while driving on rough roads. Requires An On Board Air System. Made to provide years of dependable service.
  • Horn Sound Output: loud Sem truck at 149 decibels
  • Horn Construction: single trumpet chrome metal base and trumpets train horn. Dimensions: 25-1/2" L, 5-1/2" H, 7-3/4" W, With 12 volt electric air valve solenoid, and front weather protection cover
  • Power Suorce: 12 volts. Reqiures an on-board air system
  • Mounting Hardware: Bolts, nuts, washers, mounting gaskets
  • With 8 ft 1/4" air hose

Viking Horns V202 Loud 149dB Semi Truck Single Metal Chrome Trumpet Air Horn Electric Valve

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