This Inline Electric Solenoid air valve can is used with air horns that require an on-board air system for 12 volt vehicles . When the vehicle's horn button is depressed, the Solenoid becomes electrically energized, opening its chamber and permitting air pressure to reach the horn. The solenoid remains open and engaged as long as the horn button is depressed. Max rating 200 PSI. 1/2" female pipe thread inlet & outlet ports. made of solid brass. Ideal for many other applications.
  • Construction: Solid brass housing
  • Power Source: 12 volt DC, 0.14 amp draw
  • Max Air Ratings: 200 PSI
  • 1/2" pipe threads inlet & outlet ports, for inline installations
  • Ideal for air horns that require on-board air system, and many other uses

Viking Horns V506 1/2" Electric Solenoid Air Valve For Train Air Horns

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