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•Vina multipurpose wine bottle sealer comes with built in vacuum preserver pump.
•Slows down your wine’s oxidation process significantly and keeps the wine fresh for at least 7-10 days.
•Our wine stopper has a simple innovative design, it efficient and easy to operate,
•one of the most cost effective way to preserve your favorite wines.
•And to top this perfect invention, we upgraded all of our wine stopper packaging to a premium level for those of you who likes to send out presentable gift set to friends and families.
How to use:
To operate your vina wine stopper, just insert stopper as far down the bottle opening as you can,
pull push on the lever to extract air from inside the wine bottle until you feel slight resistance,
push the lever back into place to complete the preservation, and voila! . It that simple.
Vina is a registered Trademark that has been enrolled with the Amazon brand registry.
eCentury is the only authorized seller allowed to sell Vina brand products.
  • √ Feature: All in one wine stopper with built in vacuum pump, this wine bottle stoppers provide an air-tight seal to prolong and preserve opened bottles of wine.
  • √ Easy to use: Our vacuum wine sealer is a hand operated pump. Simply cap an opened bottle with one of the stoppers and then place the pump over the stopper and start pumping the air out until resistance.
  • √ Principle: Keeps wine fresh by removing all air from bottle, making bottle air tight.
  • √ Material: Made with Aluminum alloy, PC, and sillcione.
  • √ Function:Long lifetime, great for home use and gift for friends.

Vina Wine Bottle Stopper with Vacuum Pump Sealer,Red Wine Vacuum Retain Freshness Bottle Air Pump Sealer Stopper Plug, Red


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